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First and foremost, thank you to all who have stepped up and accepted a Manager position and to those who have accepted to help out as a Coaches!  We know you are all excited and eager to begin practices and get this Season started, but please know that there is Protocol to follow.  As you may know, taking on these positions come with great responsibility.   As Managers and Coaches, there is MANDATORY TRAINING that needs to be completed.  

Please complete the following trainings; no later than January 20, 2024.   Once complete, please email a copy of the Completion Certificate to our Safety Officer, Karen Sirski-Martin to:  [email protected] 



All of your players are required to have one of these forms on file. Please send them to your team--have them download and turn in to you ASAP. 



Please take a look at the below listed courses:

  1. Coaching the Fundamentals of Infield
  2. Coaching the Fundamentals of Outfield
  3. Coaching the Basics of Hitting
  4. Baserunning Fundamentals
  5. Coaching the Pitching Delivery
  6. Introduction to Pitch Smart
  7. Coaching Philosophy and Approach

Once at the web page click on “Register” on the upper right corner of the page and fill in the registration information.  Then go to the “Education” tab.  Click on “Courses” and browse for course to take, then click on the course and add it to your bag.  Once the course is added to your dashboard click on the play button to start the course. When the course is completed you will receive a certificate that can be saved and printed to show the course was completed. You will need to email a copy of that Certificate to:  [email protected] 



Home (3rd base dugout)

**AA & UP: Score Keep – if a scorekeeper from your team is unavailable, it is the manager’s responsibility to score keep from inside the scorekeeper’s box.

Field Responsibilities: POST-GAME FIELD CLEAN UP

  • Rake the infield dirt, base paths, pitcher’s mound, and home plate areas

Last game of the day? Don’t forget to:

  • Put bases away and insert base plugs
  • Coil hose and put away
  • Return chalker to storage
  • Ensure storage closet is locked and key is returned to lock box

Visitor (1st base dugout)

**AA & UP: Pitch Count – if a pitch counter from your team is unavailable, it is the manager’s responsibility to pitch count from inside the scorekeeper’s box.

Field Responsibilities: PRE-GAME FIELD PREP

If you are the first game of the day:

  • rake and water the infield dirt, base paths, pitcher’s mound and home plate areas. Pull base plugs out (store in storage area) and place bases


  • Water the infield dirt, base paths, pitcher’s mound and home plate areas
  • Chalk baselines and batter’s box
  • Place bases



  • It is the Manager's responsibility to control his/her team's parents and their guests.
  • Your team parents should not coach during the game, but should show encouragement and positive attitude to all players, parents, umpires & volunteers.
  • Support all of your players and encourage good sportsmanship.  Enjoy yourself at the games by letting your players play - Remember the game is for THE KIDS!
  • Behave in a responsible manner and avoid, under all circumstances, the urge to yell, belittle, or jeer at the kids, umpires, the other coaches, and/or other adults. 
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed at practices or games. 
  • Inspect team equipment and helmets regularly and have broken items replaced and illegal bats and helmets removed from play. 
  • Each Team is responsible for obtaining a sponsor.  Ask your team parents to help.
  • Become Familiar with and hold to all Little League Rules and NLL Standing Ground Rules.
  • The Manager is responsible for every child until ALL of them have been picked up - This includes both practices & games.
  • All Managers, Coaches, and Team Moms shall have a volunteer application on file with and be approved by the NLL Board.
  • Arrive promptly and have your team ready to practice infield at all scheduled games.


Managers MUST fill out a Game Reschedule Form and email to [email protected] for reschedule consideration.


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