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CPR Training

Date: 2/22/2017

Time: 5:30-7:30 pm

Location: Norco Public Library's Community Room - 3954 Old Hamner Road, Norco

CPR Training will take place on Wednesday, February 22nd. Our Safety Officer, Clark Peterson, will be the instructor. There is no cost to you and we need at least one person from each team and, if possible, the team Manager.


We have drafted divisions AA-Intermediate  so you should hear soon what team you are on.

MAJORS are full.  We are not able to place any more 12 year old league age players on a team. 

Intermediate (50/70) is full.  However, we have room for 13 ( and 14) year olds on our Junior Team.


Coaches and Managers On Line Courses

                                                                                                  Online training        

  To help ensure that we have the best possible managers and coaches here at NLL we would like all managers and coaches to complete these online training courses. This will also hopefully help ensure consistent coaching of the basic fundamentals no matter what level the kids are playing at. We do not have time to have an all-day seminar as we had planned, so we have come up with this.  Let’s get started.

Go to:

Once at the web page click on “Register” on the upper right corner of the page and fill in the registration information. Then go to the “spot development” tab and select “online education center” from the drop down menu. Click on “discover trainings” and browse for course to take, then click on the course and add it to your bag. Once the course is added to your dashboard click on the play button to start the course. When the course is completed you will receive a certificate that can be saved and printed to show the course was completed. You will need to email a copy of that Certificate to: 

Please take a look at the below listed courses:

  1. Coaching the Fundamentals of Infield
  2. Coaching the Fundamentals of Outfield
  3. Coaching the basics of Hitting
  4. Base running Fundamentals
  5. Coaching the Pitch Delivery
  6. Introduction to Pitch Smart

On Line Courses

Here is a site we have asked all potential Coaches and Managers to go to and take these on line courses as outlined in the flyer.  We also encourage parents to go to this site and take the parent course.  We found it to be very informative and feel this would be good for all of us, new to the league and old timers, to take the course.  

The Play Ball Parent

Maximizing Your Child’s Experience in Baseball


All volunteers, Managers, Coaches, Team Moms, etc, will need a current background check and volunteer application on file with our league.  Background checks are ALL done online and 2017 volunteer application can be printed and emailed or hand delivered to us.  Managers and Coaches are subject to completing the Manager/Coach Questionnaire.  Questionnaire is required before team selection decision and Drafts.  



Norco Little League invites all of our parents, grandparents, friends and family to sign up and become members of our new Website provided by Sport NGIN.

Signing up is quick and easy.  Go to the top left of the home page and click on "Create an Account".  It shoud take less than 1 minute to complete. 

Why would you want an account?  

It is the best way to receive all communications from the League. You will also be able to receive team email messages, track your team's game schedules, view standings and player's stats. You will also need an account to get the most from our free mobile app

Thanks for your support!

NLL Board.